Monday, June 11, 2007

Settling In

We have been at the place where we are about 80% unpacked, but that last 20% has just been staring me in the face begging to be dealt with. That was one of my desires for this weekend. The annoying part is that I can't just get it done myself. I need Jeromy to do most of the work because things have to be moved up from the basement and into various rooms and closets. The other thing that has needed to be done is to buy a desk that Jeromy and I both like so that I can unpack my office boxes. We decided at 7 pm on Friday night to drop the kids off at my parents and to go searching. We found one that was a possibility at a furniture liquidation store near our house after Jeromy got off work, but in our usual style, we felt like we needed to exhaust ALL possibilities of finding a better one first. 4 stores and no desk later, we got the kids to bed at 10 pm.

Saturday came and I spent the first half of the day cooking gluten-free belgian waffles for the week (the kids and I eat them for breakfast all week) and two batches of banana muffins, one with fresh blueberries and one with walnuts. Jeromy mowed the lawn, weedwhacked, and cleared out a flower bed next to our back door to be replanted later. He then went and picked up the first desk that we looked at on Friday night. It is one of those desk armoires that has doors that close all your mess into. I liked that idea, but we weren't sure about the color of the wood matching anything else that we own. The other question is what you do with your desk chair once the doors are closed? We have just been putting it to the side which works because there really isn't any seating for us when we are downstairs with the kids. Jeromy put the desk together, and we were pleasantly surprised with the results. The color is a darker honey finish than we had anticipated and it matches an oak bookshelf that is downstairs perfectly. I unpacked my office, unloaded a bin of books to a bookshelf downstairs and had Jeromy rearrange some furniture. All in all, it seemed quite productive.

Before dinner, we ran to Home Depot where I spent way too much money buying plants for the flower bed that Jeromy cleared out for me. After dinner, Jeromy buzzed his and Bennett's hair to a nice, short summer length, and I spent the rest of the night lamenting over my aching back (ironic since Jeromy did all the heavy lifting!)

Sunday after church we went over to my parent's house, played Pinochle, ate dinner and left the kids there for the night. I get to spend the day doing all the things I normally do on a Monday, but by myself. I needed a recharge and am thankful to have my parents so close to give me a little reprieve.

We have a busy week ahead of us.....Midwife appointment, Bennett's first dental visit, Jeromy's baseball game, my brother moving to WA, a family party at j's work, Rachel's second birthday and father's day. Why some weeks are so empty and others are so busy, I'll never know. I can't seem to get things spread out evenly.

It should be fun and hopefully I will get pictures of most of it to post soon!