Friday, November 27, 2009

What's Up Markworts?

Yes, I know that it has been 2 WHOLE MONTHS since I posted a blog. You can catch me at Facebook these days, evil creation. So, what have we been doing for the past 2 months? We have been house hunting, house buying, short sale waiting, house showing, house cleaning for said showings, child rearing, child educating, cooking, nose wiping, sinus infection coping, laughing and loving. See, I have a good excuse, things are always in a state of busyness. I need to work on that. The house we are trying to buy finally got their short sale approval, so we are going to have an inspection next week and go from there. It is hard not getting our hopes up, but that has been the case through this whole process. God is having to open each door for us as we move along in the process. The whole thing seems insurmountable, so it has been neat to see His hand in it. There is alot of work to be done in the house, so that is exciting and scary all at the same time.

Bennett is enjoying home schooling. He knows that Friday is his last day of school for the week and then he gets two whole days off and can play on the computer. (PBS Kids website) He always does his math first and likes adding alot more than subtracting. He can count money like a champ and is very entrepreneurial minded. He is also a very proficient artist and has been spending more time drawing pictures and scenes. Usually they are of battles and the like, but lately he has been recreating scenes from the Bible.

This is Bennett's "first generation" Grandma Lee Blanket. Thankfully he possesses a "second generation" one as well because this one is looking pretty sad lately. I have sewed the holes back together more times than I can count, but it still remains his favorite, and he still sleeps with it every night.

Rachel has been spending her homeschooling time learning her letters and beginning writing strokes. She has a really good memory and has learned the Lord's Prayer, Psalm 23, Ephesians 4:32, and 1 John 4:7-8. She is a good big sister and spends alot of time playing with Ellie and taking care of her baby sister. She is still our silly goose and enjoys laughing and giggling.

Rachel's favorite pastime is eating. She is a foodie trapped in a 4 year old body. Sloppy Joes are her current favorite if you can't tell :)

Ellie is 2. :) I could just write "enough said," but there is a little more to her than that. She is the happiest one of the group and the first one to clap, cheer, and celebrate anything and everything. She is also very stubborn and we are working on those darn temper tantrums! We threw binky in the garbage right after her 2nd birthday and although the first week was hard, she stopped asking for it altogether. Much easier than stopping our 4 year old thumb sucker!

One last pre-binky disposal picture. She asked Jeromy if he could put her in the garbage last week so she could get her binky. It was at least a month and a half after it went in there, but she remembers where it went and that it was "mommy's fault." I had her throw it in there, so technically, it was her fault :P

Our baby Emma will be 8 months on the 2nd. She is crawling all around, usually after me, but sometimes she goes down the hall to see what all those silly kids are doing back there. People everywhere we go remark on what a happy baby she is. She rarely fusses and is just content to play and look around. We are so thankful for that!

Emma is a tag fanatic. Anytime she sees a tag hanging off anything, she lunges for it and has to suck on it. Here she is sucking on her swaddling blanket tag. I still swaddle her to sleep at night. She doesn't complain and I figure it keeps her warmer.

Good to be back in blogger land. Thanksgiving post to follow (but don't stake your life on it!)