Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The Many Faces of Ellie

Phil and Jade: The Reception

Yeah, yeah, yeah, I am over a month behind in blog posts, but give a mother of 3 who just moved a break :)

This is the last installment of my trip to CA for my cousin's wedding last month.

The newly married couple.

My Uncle Bill and Cherie.

Ellie's third cousin, Camilly, playing peek-a-boo.

The first dance.

My cousin, Brent, and myself in a really blurry picture, but the only one I had of us.

Rob dancing with his daughter, Camilly.

My mama.

My mom, Ellie, Bonnie and I all went on a walk on our last morning before our flight. I wanted to take some pictures of the houses in the neighborhood. There are a mixture of adorable houses on Bonnie's street and the blocks around her. Victorian, Craftsmen, Cottage style and a bunch of conglomerations of the above.

Ellie Bellie on our walk.

We got to the airport around lunchtime, so we stopped to get lunch at a Mexican place in the airport to eat on the plane. We flew Southwest and their archaic method of seating, first come first serve standing in those little lines behind your number and letter, combined with my food taking a ridiculous amount of time to get done (it's an airport people, we are in a hurry!) meant that my mom and I couldn't sit together on the plane. Can you believe that no one was willing to give up their seat. I sat in a middle seat with Ellie squirming around the whole time. My mom and I had to pass her back and forth over the seat in front of me so that I could even eat. I was so perturbed by the whole thing. What made matters even worse is that the area we were in no longer is allowed to use styrofoam, but is perfectly okay with patrons being scalded by their leaking, hot food on their lap in an airplane. I am all for using more natural materials over styrofoam, but their are some very necessary applications, like at an airport! Geesh, charge me a carbon footprint surcharge or something, it would have been worth the money.

The trip was altogether great, and Jeromy had so much fun with the kids. He really was able to appreciate them so much more getting to spend uninterrupted time with them. He had them all whipped into shape when I got home and implemented some good new discipline techniques. More on that later.

Skip It?

When you spend the morning cleaning up hot dog vomit out of deep carpet, do you eat breakfast, or do you skip it?

Friday, May 16, 2008

Phil and Jade: The Ceremony

We were told that Saturday was supposed to be in the 90s in the East Bay. The gardens where the wedding was to be held would be in full sun, so we should bring a hat for Ellie. I didn't have one, so we went shopping Saturday morning. No one seemed to have any baby bonnets, (which seemed crazy because the previous Sunday was Easter!) but I finally found something that would work for her at Old Navy. My mom and I shopped for last minute wedding attire wardrobe changes, but we weren't able to find anything that worked, so we stuck with what we brought. It was a total waste of a beautiful Saturday morning (I don't care so much for shopping, so I didn't consider it very enjoyable.) We did get to walk to the shopping center, which sits along the bayfront, so it was a very beautiful walk with a clear view of SF. The outing was salvaged by that fact!

It was indeed very HOT in Walnut Creek at 4 pm, but thankfully there was some shade to be found at the ceremony. We visited with more family that hadn't gotten into town for the rehearsal and waited for the BIG event. The gardens were SO beautiful. Everything was in bloom, the roses were amazing, the air was so fragrant, and it was the perfect backdrop for a wedding.

Ellie and Mommy.

The couple of the day. They were taking pictures before the ceremony, so we were able to sneak a couple ourselves.

The beautiful scene.

My cousin, Siobhan, her mom Kathy, and Rob's daughter, Camilly.

The groom with his mama.

Phil's dad, Bill, and his wife, Cherie.

Phil's younger brother, Brent. I haven't seen him for 7 or 8 years, so I was glad to hug him! We are only 2 years apart and were very close playmates as children. Brent is very creative, and he was always setting up plays and concerts for us to perform. He is very talented with music and art. All three brothers are. Their dad is a talented musician as well, so it runs in the family.

The groomsmen.

Theully with Camilly. Camilly wouldn't sit with anyone during the ceremony. She just wanted her mommy to hold her. She reminded me of alot of Rachel. They had very similar builds, she is ginormous for her age just like Rachie. Tall and VERY heavy. Theully said her arms were killing her!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Phil and Jade: The Rehearsal Dinner

This is a post that is long overdue, but with the packing and moving and unpacking, I had to postpone details on my trip to CA until now!

My mom, Ellie and I drove up to Spokane on a Thursday afternoon to catch a flight to Oakland. It was really nice to get a direct flight. We are used to at least one layover in Seattle or Portland, so it was great to be at our destination after a 2 hour flight. Our flight was delayed about a half hour, so we didn't get into CA until about 7 pm. We picked up our rental car at the airport which sounds easy enough, but with 2 suitcases, a carseat bag, a portable crib, and a baby in a stroller, it was alot to carry, load on and off a bus and get into the car. I sure missed Jeromy who usually does all the pack muling. I was a bit nervous about putting the car seat into the car, as that is also Jeromy's territory, and rightly so. As I went to put it into the back seat, I saw that all 3 of the backseats were shoulder harness seatbelts, not the lap belt I was expecting. The little metal H thing for the carseat was not in clicked into the bottom of the carseat, so I had no way to keep the seatbelt tight. I called Jeromy in a panic, like he could do something from so far away, and he said I would just have to go to Toys r Us as soon as I could. I got off the phone and realized that the rental car company had carseats for rent and they could lend me the metal thingy. I went and asked and after 20 minutes of waiting, I had what I needed. Meanwhile, my mom thought I was stolen by gypsies, or worse, and Ellie fell asleep in the backseat as it was way after 8 pm and past her bedtime. Unfortunately I had to wake her up to get her carseat re-situated, but it all worked out thankfully.

We got to our home base for the weekend very late, and they had waited to eat dinner until we got there. We stayed with really good friends of the family. My mom used to work for the county with Bonnie before I was even born. It is pretty amazing to have friends for that long, especially in spite of all the moving my parents have done. (It runs in the family!)

Friday evening we drove to the East Bay to and adorable town called Clayton, out past Walnut Creek. The downtown centered around a park that my kids would have LOVED! We had a wonderful dinner and so enjoyed our time talking with family that we had not seen for way too long. Ellie did really well staying up late and sitting at a table with nothing too exciting for her to do. She is amazing!

The cute town square (circle?!)

This is Phil and Jade. Phil is my oldest cousin (out of 6 on my mom's side). They live in Maryland where Phil moved to go to graduate school. They are great together and have both experienced some major health trials in their life that makes them appreciate one another in an extraordinary way. Jade is super spunky, and I so enjoyed spending time with her.

Miss Skinny Minny

This is my cousin Rob and his wife, Theully. Rob is Phil's youngest brother, and lived in Brazil for several years where he met and married Theully. They have an 18 month old daughter now. It was so great to meet his new family!

This is my Aunt Becky, mother of the groom. She was a very happy auntie.

My Uncle Bill, my mom's brother and the father of the groom was there with his wife, Cherie, too but I only had a picture of them eating, so I was nice enough to not post it :)

It was a wonderful evening!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Ellie Update

I have to post this because if I don't, I won't remember these crucial milestones in my sweet newest baby's life. Such is the lot of a third born I guess.

Her first tooth poked through in April while my mom and I were in CA, and she was a trooper. She just wanted me to hold her the whole time! Her second tooth poked through yesterday. She is such an easy baby, the teething hasn't made her very cranky at all.

She has been doing the hand sign for want for the past week. I first thought she was waving, but Jeromy quickly used her ability to teach her it had a meaning. Now when I come into her room after a nap, she signs want to me. She really only signs want for wanting mama or the remote control. My feelings are only slightly hurt :) I know how alluring the forbidden remote control seems to a baby. Bennett didn't learn his first hand sign until he was 14 months or so. We tried to teach him "more" first which was a mistake because it is a much harder movement for the little wee ones. Rachel was around 10 or 11 months when she learned "want."

Ellie is still so tiny, I cycle through being worried about her and realizing that she is just average, not tiny. She wears 9 month clothing and she is only 7 months. My other 2 were always at least a size (or 3 sizes in Bennett's case) ahead of their age. The waistbands are always too big for Ellie because she is so small around. I think I shall call her Skinny Minny instead of Ellie Bellie henceforth.

I have started introducing some food to her. She will only eat applesauce so far. She liked the avocado the first 2 times I gave it to her, but then decided it was so gross it makes her gag. She also doesn't like bananas which in my experience with Bennett and Rachel, is too sweet for them in the beginning. The bananas make her shudder which is pretty funny, but she isn't a toy, so we don't make her do it purely for our enjoyment.

It is funny how worried I was about getting her on a schedule when she was a newborn. Like my other kids, she eventually worked out her own schedule herself. I wish I could say that I will remember that for future children, but I seem to have to reinvent the wheel each time, so we'll see. (No, I am not pregnant. It is a potential next time I am speaking of!)

I gotta go feed Miss Skinny Minny, it's 11 am!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Lost In Your Own Home

Me: Rachel, go put your blanket in your room?
Rachel: Where's my room, mommy?

Me: Rachel, go wash your hands.
Rachel: Where's the bathroom, mommy?

Me: Rachel, go play outside.
Rachel: How do I get back there? (As she walks out the front door instead of the back.)

She isn't catching on to her new surroundings that fast. She also seems a bit confused. This is what she told me today during lunch.

Rachel: I'm going to go potty in the kitchen, mommy.
Me: Remember that the light switch is outside of the bathroom.
Rachel: I sure wish the light was inside.
Me: Me too, honey.

We have a half bathroom that is right off the kitchen, so I guess we will now be calling it the kitchen bathroom.

I was without a washer and dryer the week before we moved and just started doing it last night, so that is what I have still been doing all day today. Thankfully, Bennett is folding his own clothes now and putting them away. That kid is awesome!

This move has been harder on me than the previous 20 or so I have done. Maybe I am getting old, or maybe it is having three little ones, but I am sure glad that we are staying put here for a while. (I think our friends our glad too :)

I can't even think about taking any pictures yet, things are still in hurricane mode. This house looked so much nicer before we moved in!

I LOVE having a kitchen pantry. That is my favorite thing so far. Yes, I know I am easily pleased! I need a quick nap, so that's all for now.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Proud Owners of House #2

We found out today why having an unusual spelling of a name can create lifelong problems. We signed the papers on our new house this morning after waiting a half hour at the title company so that the bank could fix the closing date on all of them. We closed a day early so that we could paint tonight. When we sat down to start the half hour of signing our name, we realized that Jeromy's name was misspelled on about 75% of the legal documents. Not only did Jeromy have to sign and date his name 50 times, he had to cross out the e in Jeremy and add the o instead and then initial the changes. He had to do this a gagillion times! We are hoping this holds up in a court of law, but the lady with the official stamp thingy seemed to be okay with it. I hope the move on Saturday goes more smoothly than today did. It was quite a roller coaster. Whew! Off to do more packing.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Quick Update

Just checking in to let you all know that I am still alive (barely!) We sign the papers on our house in the morning and should get the keys then. Jeromy and my dad are going to paint Ellie's new room Thursday night while my mom stays with the kids so that I can bring over my dishes and kitchen items. I don't want to pack them all, so I think I will just bring them over myself before the big move on Saturday. I have been trying to clean as I go, so getting out of this house shouldn't be too much work on Sunday. I am sure looking forward to sitting in my new house with everything put away and looking wonderful. That is what I am trying to concentrate on right now. Today is the first day I am beginning to feel the stress, but with only a couple of days to go, I would say that is pretty good. Keep us in your prayers the next few days. Jeromy's back isn't feeling all that great after the garage sale, (Yes, we sold all the big items we wanted to and made some money. Hooray!) so this move could be pretty hard on him. More to come later!

Thursday, May 1, 2008


As much as I would rather sit in front of the computer and blog about all that is afoot around here, as well as the trips we have taken the last couple of weeks, I cannot. I just have too much other stuff to do and am trying to spend time with the kids in the midst of it all. We move in 9 days, so look for a new blog post about 2 weeks from now. See ya then!

Here's one picture of Ellie Bellie to whet your appetite!