Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Ellie Update

I have to post this because if I don't, I won't remember these crucial milestones in my sweet newest baby's life. Such is the lot of a third born I guess.

Her first tooth poked through in April while my mom and I were in CA, and she was a trooper. She just wanted me to hold her the whole time! Her second tooth poked through yesterday. She is such an easy baby, the teething hasn't made her very cranky at all.

She has been doing the hand sign for want for the past week. I first thought she was waving, but Jeromy quickly used her ability to teach her it had a meaning. Now when I come into her room after a nap, she signs want to me. She really only signs want for wanting mama or the remote control. My feelings are only slightly hurt :) I know how alluring the forbidden remote control seems to a baby. Bennett didn't learn his first hand sign until he was 14 months or so. We tried to teach him "more" first which was a mistake because it is a much harder movement for the little wee ones. Rachel was around 10 or 11 months when she learned "want."

Ellie is still so tiny, I cycle through being worried about her and realizing that she is just average, not tiny. She wears 9 month clothing and she is only 7 months. My other 2 were always at least a size (or 3 sizes in Bennett's case) ahead of their age. The waistbands are always too big for Ellie because she is so small around. I think I shall call her Skinny Minny instead of Ellie Bellie henceforth.

I have started introducing some food to her. She will only eat applesauce so far. She liked the avocado the first 2 times I gave it to her, but then decided it was so gross it makes her gag. She also doesn't like bananas which in my experience with Bennett and Rachel, is too sweet for them in the beginning. The bananas make her shudder which is pretty funny, but she isn't a toy, so we don't make her do it purely for our enjoyment.

It is funny how worried I was about getting her on a schedule when she was a newborn. Like my other kids, she eventually worked out her own schedule herself. I wish I could say that I will remember that for future children, but I seem to have to reinvent the wheel each time, so we'll see. (No, I am not pregnant. It is a potential next time I am speaking of!)

I gotta go feed Miss Skinny Minny, it's 11 am!