Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Lost In Your Own Home

Me: Rachel, go put your blanket in your room?
Rachel: Where's my room, mommy?

Me: Rachel, go wash your hands.
Rachel: Where's the bathroom, mommy?

Me: Rachel, go play outside.
Rachel: How do I get back there? (As she walks out the front door instead of the back.)

She isn't catching on to her new surroundings that fast. She also seems a bit confused. This is what she told me today during lunch.

Rachel: I'm going to go potty in the kitchen, mommy.
Me: Remember that the light switch is outside of the bathroom.
Rachel: I sure wish the light was inside.
Me: Me too, honey.

We have a half bathroom that is right off the kitchen, so I guess we will now be calling it the kitchen bathroom.

I was without a washer and dryer the week before we moved and just started doing it last night, so that is what I have still been doing all day today. Thankfully, Bennett is folding his own clothes now and putting them away. That kid is awesome!

This move has been harder on me than the previous 20 or so I have done. Maybe I am getting old, or maybe it is having three little ones, but I am sure glad that we are staying put here for a while. (I think our friends our glad too :)

I can't even think about taking any pictures yet, things are still in hurricane mode. This house looked so much nicer before we moved in!

I LOVE having a kitchen pantry. That is my favorite thing so far. Yes, I know I am easily pleased! I need a quick nap, so that's all for now.


Kristen Borland said...

hurray for pantries! i'm a big fan of those myself and have had two awesome ones in the last two places we've lived. so grateful for them!

rachel is too funny. she'll figure it out! and i love that bennett folds his laundry and puts in away. i'm inspired. maybe i'll see if zeb can figure out folding.

Monica S said...

Congrats Jeromy and Samantha! Can't wait to see more pix of the house when you're all settled in.