Friday, May 16, 2008

Phil and Jade: The Ceremony

We were told that Saturday was supposed to be in the 90s in the East Bay. The gardens where the wedding was to be held would be in full sun, so we should bring a hat for Ellie. I didn't have one, so we went shopping Saturday morning. No one seemed to have any baby bonnets, (which seemed crazy because the previous Sunday was Easter!) but I finally found something that would work for her at Old Navy. My mom and I shopped for last minute wedding attire wardrobe changes, but we weren't able to find anything that worked, so we stuck with what we brought. It was a total waste of a beautiful Saturday morning (I don't care so much for shopping, so I didn't consider it very enjoyable.) We did get to walk to the shopping center, which sits along the bayfront, so it was a very beautiful walk with a clear view of SF. The outing was salvaged by that fact!

It was indeed very HOT in Walnut Creek at 4 pm, but thankfully there was some shade to be found at the ceremony. We visited with more family that hadn't gotten into town for the rehearsal and waited for the BIG event. The gardens were SO beautiful. Everything was in bloom, the roses were amazing, the air was so fragrant, and it was the perfect backdrop for a wedding.

Ellie and Mommy.

The couple of the day. They were taking pictures before the ceremony, so we were able to sneak a couple ourselves.

The beautiful scene.

My cousin, Siobhan, her mom Kathy, and Rob's daughter, Camilly.

The groom with his mama.

Phil's dad, Bill, and his wife, Cherie.

Phil's younger brother, Brent. I haven't seen him for 7 or 8 years, so I was glad to hug him! We are only 2 years apart and were very close playmates as children. Brent is very creative, and he was always setting up plays and concerts for us to perform. He is very talented with music and art. All three brothers are. Their dad is a talented musician as well, so it runs in the family.

The groomsmen.

Theully with Camilly. Camilly wouldn't sit with anyone during the ceremony. She just wanted her mommy to hold her. She reminded me of alot of Rachel. They had very similar builds, she is ginormous for her age just like Rachie. Tall and VERY heavy. Theully said her arms were killing her!