Thursday, May 8, 2008

Proud Owners of House #2

We found out today why having an unusual spelling of a name can create lifelong problems. We signed the papers on our new house this morning after waiting a half hour at the title company so that the bank could fix the closing date on all of them. We closed a day early so that we could paint tonight. When we sat down to start the half hour of signing our name, we realized that Jeromy's name was misspelled on about 75% of the legal documents. Not only did Jeromy have to sign and date his name 50 times, he had to cross out the e in Jeremy and add the o instead and then initial the changes. He had to do this a gagillion times! We are hoping this holds up in a court of law, but the lady with the official stamp thingy seemed to be okay with it. I hope the move on Saturday goes more smoothly than today did. It was quite a roller coaster. Whew! Off to do more packing.


Mystie said...

Closing paperwork is such a hassle. Glad it's all over for you and you get to begin working on the house! :)

Kristen Borland said...

how frustrating! glad to hear, though, that everything is closing okay so far!