Friday, July 13, 2007

Fun in the Sun

It has been sooooo HOT here this week. Over a 100 for several days with a couple more to go. Thankfully we have a shady backyard because the kids still want to go out and play. I bought them a little plastic pool, and Jeromy is much more fun than I am and put it underneath their slide. Bennett had fun sliding down into the pool for a while, but then wanted it moved. Rachel was too scared to go into the pool with Bennett sliding down into it, so she just ran around and watched. We have it in a different spot in the yard now, and Rachel spends as much time as Bennett does in it.

I have started potty training Rachel this week and it hasn't been going well to say the least. I don't know whether to persevere or to wait a few weeks and try again later. Does anyone have any good potty training advice for me?????


Brianna Heldt said...

well not really advice, but my style of parenting i guess is, i often follow my kids' cues, to gauge whether they're ready for something. they're all so different, and i don't really mind changing diapers; potty trained kids have their own challenges (having to find a bathroom when in public, dealing with the occasional accident, etc.)

anyway, anna's potty trained, but our boys aren't. (i wanted to wait until they had a better grasp of the english language.) with anna, she hated having an accident, so one day i just told her "no more diapers." she was potty trained in about a day, a few months before she turned 3. it was relatively easy.

all of that to say, do what's best for you. if you'd prefer to have an easier time of it later, then wait it out, until she has more of a desire, etc. sometimes i think there is this subtle competition between moms, or this idea that a child has to be potty trained/weaned/whatever by a certain age. like i said each child is different, with different needs, etc. good luck with whatever you decide!!!