Thursday, July 31, 2008

Ellie's Favorite Time of the Day

Miss Ellie Bellie has decided in the last month that food is where her happiness can be found. She is eating lunch and dinner consisting of half a jar of fruit for lunch and half a jar of vegetables for dinner each mixed with a hefty amount of rice cereal. Anyone who has seen the bowl of food is astounded that she could finish it all. She can, and I learned early on that if I didn't make enough, she would scream and cry until more appeared before her. I think that she is starting to fill out just a little bit which makes mommy happy although she is developing very normally which helps me not to worry about her petiteness so much. Bennett enjoys getting involved in the process too, and although he makes quite an impressive mess, it helps me greatly that he can feed her while I get lunch ready for us.


Sarah said...

Her hair is so blonde! When did that happen :)
Congratulations on are in my prayers and I know everything will go good.

Kristen Borland said...

all those blondies!

Samantha said...

The blonde hair happened out of nowhere. Her eyes are turning brown and the hair blonde. Pretty crazy! It is a similar shade to Bennett's hair which has darkened over the years. He started out with really light blonde hair. It will be interesting to see how her hair ends up.