Tuesday, March 24, 2009

40 Weeks + 2 Days and Names

I think this post-due date stage is so funny. People at the store ask when I am due and I say, "two days ago." They get this horrified look as if my water is going to break on their floor right in front of them. When I call anyone on the phone, my first words have to be, "It's Samantha, and no I am not in labor," before I can start a conversation. I hope to have this little girl soon because I don't know how long I can not think about the labor that is to come. I am in denial about how she is going to get here, but a little fear likes to creep in now and again. Worrying doesn't help the process AT ALL, so the futility of it has kept me from going there.

No, we haven't named her yet. We have never had so much trouble picking out a name before. Usually we are really sure and confident about our pick well before the arrival, but this time, we just can't decide. We have 3 names that we like and will probably decide on one of them after she is born. At least there is a little mystery still left :)

I am ready for nap time, so I will update when there's any news to be shared.