Monday, September 21, 2009

The Fair '09

Our annual tradition of going to the fair started the year before Jeromy and I got married. Our run almost ended this year when Jeromy was scheduled to go out of town for work the week of the fair. His class got canceled at the last minute, so the kids were very excited for the special day they get to have with daddy. Jeromy took the day off of work, and they got to the fair at 11:30 am. I picked up dinner and we met at 5 pm outside of the fairgrounds to eat before we all went back in. We looked at the animals and then the big kids went on more rides before the rodeo. Now, in years past the kids go to the kiddie ride area and ride all of the kiddie rides all day, so that is what I was expecting to do. Little did I know, Jeromy took them to the little kid rides for a few rides and I guess they were bored on them, so he took them to the big kid rides to ride the ones that they were tall enough to ride. I was in horror to see my small little children ride these rides that teenagers were screaming on. They were 2 feet smaller than anyone else on these rides. I could not believe it! Their favorite ride was what I knew growing up as The Gravitron. I can't remember what it was called now, but it spins so fast that the boards you are leaning up against move up and down the wall. Barf! They even went on The Drop Zone which is a ride that goes up 50 feet or so and then drops straight down. That one scared even them. Bennett told me that next year he would be tall enough to go on The Zipper. Jeromy said he was getting a wrist band so he could go with them next year. My kids are so funny. Enjoy the evidence!


Kristen Borland said...

daddies are the best!

(i'm not looking forward to my children being tall enough for those rides!! i'm scared to death of them, and i don't want my babies on them!)