Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Before and After- Hall Bathroom

The main bathroom in our new house was gutted when we bought it. The previous owners had big plans for it, but for whatever reason, the plans never came to fruition. Their plan was to take the back half of the bathroom (which is long and narrow like a lane at the bowling alley) and give it to the master bathroom that it shares a wall with. The master bathroom is fairly small, so the idea was valid. We considered going through with their plans and enlarging the master bath, but the biggest obstacle was relocating all the plumbing. We really tried to do most of the work ourselves and didn't really hire much outside help, but relocating plumbing was outside the skill set. We decided just to put the bathroom back the way it was originally, and now we have somewhere to bowl :)

The original bathroom. It was an obstacle to find a bank willing to give us a loan with a gutted bathroom. Thank goodness for credit unions! Our real estate market is really strong here, so they don't have the same concerns with declining markets.

We planned on keeping the turquoise bathtub, but come to find out it had a hole in it that had been concealed.

New tile

It was pretty scary designing a whole space by myself. I found myself just praying, "Lord, please let this match," and then buying something. It was hard making decisions when I didn't have a sample of the countertop to take with me to buy tile, and will the light fixtures match the faucets and hardware and on and on and on. I am very happy how it all came together. The color we chose for the walls was a spa blue color- Sherwin Williams Tradewind.

We also chose to do wainscoting on the long wall and the one next to the toilet. The wall was so long, it needed some interest.


Kristen Borland said...

it looks beautiful! love the color and wainscoting!

Samuel said...

Wow!!! you guys did a lot with that bathroom!!O__O Looks really good though!! *thumbs up*