Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Surprise 7th Birthday Party!!

Bennett's 7th birthday coincided with finishing his 1st grad curriculum, so we knew we HAD to throw him a party. We usually have a family party, but this year we invited 3 other families with boys that Bennett really likes, and we made it a SURPRISE party. The little guy is pretty nosey, so keeping it under wraps was hard when people are responding to emails that are titled, "Bennett's Surprise Party." More than once I had to cover my screen and tell him to walk away. It remained a secret mostly because I didn't do anything for it until he left to spend the night at my parent's house. His other big surprise was a trampoline. It was quite a wonderful day, although Emma had a fever and wasn't feeling well. My mom was nice enough to hold her most of the time. The kids enjoyed hot dogs, chips, soda, cupcakes and all sorts of unhealthy stuff we don't get very often. Let's just say Bennett is still talking about how much he likes junk food.

We had a birthday lunch for Bennett on his real birthday. His birthday meal was tacos, his favorite, and root beer floats, which he had never had before but wanted to try. I think it was a birthday weekend he won't soon forget.


Brianna Heldt said...

What a fun idea to do a surprise party!!! Your sweet kids are growing right up...I remember when Bennett was a baby!

And, I LOVE rootbeer floats. Yum!

Happy belated birthday Bennett!

Samantha said...

Bennett LOVES a surprise, so I knew we had to do it. He screamed like one of his sisters when he walked in and saw the trampoline. Then he looked past it to his friends and ran up to them and gave them all hugs. It was so sweet!

(He likes rootbeer floats too!)

Kristen Borland said...

what a fun idea! i've never heard of a surprise party for a kid, but that's an awesome idea!

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