Monday, November 29, 2010

Thanksgiving 2010- Xs 3

Thanksgiving is officially over for us. Our tradition is to have dinner at my parent's house on Thursday and then go back for leftovers on Friday night and Sunday night. I did pretty well Thursday and Friday night with not stuffing myself, but I think I knew that last night would be my last plate of yummy food, and I did myself in! I had a really good run this morning though, probably due to the carb loading! Jeromy was in charge of Thanksgiving pictures, but we only have pictures that he could take from the couch because he wasn't feeling very well.

The new traditions is that we come over early and the kids get to decorate my parent's tree. Usually my dad is so excited for Christmas, he has it up WAY before Thanksgiving, but hopefully we can get him to stick to the new plan. (My mom forces his to take it down by Valentine's Day!)

I realize there are no pictures of baby girl. She was napping during the time that any pictures were taken. She LOVED the turkey and cranberry sauce though!