Monday, December 10, 2007

Our Cute Little Baby

Ellie is growing too fast. She is losing her newborness every day. She is so alert and is "talking" to us now with all sorts of new noises. She weighs right around 12 pounds, and I love her chubby cheeks! She wants to be held upright so she can look around, no more lying down for her. She loves her big brother and always has a smile for him. Rachel, she isn't so sure about. Ellie knows she should fear her a little, even though it was Bennett who recently cut her hair! Luckily it was just a little bit. We are all doing well here. Jeromy is transitioning into his new network engineering job. He has been super busy trying to tie up loose ends in his current position. I think he will be happy when he only has one job. Bennett is enjoying the snow we keep getting. It melts in a day or so, but he goes out there and tromps around in it while it lasts. We got some more yesterday, but today it is in the high 30s and melting already. Rachel doesn't like winter she says. She wants to be carried outside when there is snow on the ground because she doesn't want to get wet and dirty. I got her bundled up a couple of times to go out and play in the snow with Bennett and she comes back in after 2 minutes, so I don't go to all the work anymore. She says she doesn't like the cold, she's like her mama. I have been busy getting ready for Christmas. I have been excited about it this year as my kids are getting older. They are going to be so excited this year. They love looking at all the Christmas lights and reading the Christmas story. It is going to be so much fun! Here are some cute new pictures.


FordFamily said...

Such beautiful children! Isn't it amazing what our lives have become. GOD is so good!