Friday, December 7, 2007

Snow Fun and Shiners

We had some more snow last weekend (it has since melted with some crazy 60 degree days this week!) Bennett couldn't wait until Saturday when Jeromy could help him build a snowman. I went out to check on the snowman building progress and this is what I found them doing instead.

The snow was too icy and not sticking to the ball very well, so they gave up and decided to go on a walk instead. Rachel heard that they were taking a walk and cajoled Jeromy into letting her go along too. (Actually she cried at the door until Jeromy had pity on her, but whatever!) They walked down to a liquidation store we have in town and called me pick them up because they were cold and tired. We bought some things at the store and while we were checking out, Bennett and Rachel were playing with a turnstile, and Rachel got it in the eye. Ouch! The picture is what it looked like right after it happened. She woke up the next day with a full fledged black eye. Poor thing!

(p.s. Ellie is sitting in her bouncy chair at my feet and is learning how to use her hands. She keeps grabbing the bottom of her dress and pulling it up to her face. It is really cute!)