Thursday, March 27, 2008

4 Things

Due to my lack of creative blogging lately, I will consider myself tagged by Kristen and reveal the following things about myself:

Four jobs I have had in my life:
-McDonalds (By far the WORST job I have ever had!)
-Nanny (I was a nanny for 4 different families over a 5 year period)
-Counselor at a crisis pregnancy center (by far the best job I have ever had!)
(I have also worked at the jewelry counter at Kmart, as a waitress, bartender at a golf course, secretary for an accountant, Blockbuster video store) I am sure glad to be a stay at home mamma with that list of mostly awful jobs!

Four movies I've watched more than once:
-Pride and Prejudice
-Sense and Sensibility
-The Princess Bride

Four places I've lived (I have moved a lot, so I will list 4 of the states I have lived in):
(I have also lived in Oklahoma and currently Washington!)

Four TV shows I watch:
-America’s Test Kitchen
-Martha (occasionally)

Four places I have been (other than ones I have lived in):
-Mexico (2 summers at an orphanage south of Ensenada)
-All of the states along Route 66
-Maui, Kauai, the Big Island

Four places I want to go someday:
-Back to Hawaii
-Anywhere and everywhere in Europe
-Patagonia (odd, but I saw a really cool documentary on it)

Four favorite foods:
-Chicken Tamales
-Chile Verde with homemade tortillas
-Anything with gluten, eggs or dairy that I can’t eat anymore due to food allergies!

Four places I'd rather be right now:
-Kailua Beach Park eating a foccacia bread sandwich from Kalapawai Market (a little specific I know)
-A remote mountain cabin with big windows overlooking the forest on a cold night in front of a fire (a cabin that has running water and electricity!)
-Skiing in the Swiss Alps with Jeromy (and being able to keep up with him!)
-Eating my way through Tuscany

Four things I'm looking forward to this year:
-Seeing Ellie learn to walk, talk, and grow
-Teaching Bennett to read
-Camping with my family and friends
-Alone time with Jeromy

Four places I love to shop (I don’t like to shop, but if I had to because I was given a $500 gift card):
-Gymboree (obviously for my kids)
-Eddie Bauer or Lands End online stores
-Value Village (I love a bargain!)
-I can’t come up with anywhere else (I am 5’11” , so it is hard to find clothes that fit well that are feminine and modest at the same time.) I do like perusing the health food store and the health food section at Fred Meyers if that counts!

Consider yourself "tagged" if you haven't blogged recently enough for your loyal readers or haven't done anything interesting enough to blog about :)


Kristen Borland said...

you were a model?! i don't think i knew that. but, i'm not the least bit surprised because you are beautiful!!

let's see some of those modeling pictures... ;)

rohndasue said...

I could provide some of your modeling pictures.... I think there is even a video somewhere... Ha ha ha.... lets blog that! Love you. Rohnda

Samantha said...

Let's not! I don't think there are any pictures decent enough to even post on my blog!

sarah said...

Ooohh i'd like to see some modeling pics too! (Hope that isn't too weird, since i don't know you and we've only "talked" through your blog a couple of times.)It would be interesting!

Samantha said...

Sarah, not weird!

I was lost at this point in my life and I look at it as a really sad time. I was battling depression and was extremely rebellious toward God and my family. Satan used this time in my life to lead me down a dark path that ultimately brought me to my end. God plucked me from the mire and redeemed my life, Hallelujah! I don't even feel like the girl in the pictures. I look at her as a stranger and have no connection to her whatsoever. I probably shouldn't have such a bad attitude about the pictures, and maybe one day I will post some, but I wouldn't know how to do it without seeming boastful in myself! Very embarrassing!