Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Blogging...Um, No.

I am not counting this as an actual blog post. What is it then? Not sure, but this is just an update to say that I have been busy and haven't felt much like blogging. I was sick for a week and then had laryngitis for a whole week (yes, my family enjoyed my silence!) and now I am playing catch up and actually planning ahead. I have been freezer cooking and stocking up meals (I recently checked out some once a month cooking books), baking our own gluten/egg/dairy- free bread/muffins/rolls/goodies (I also checked out some gluten-free cookbooks to get some new recipes), gone through kids clothes to figure out if they need anything for spring/summer and put away the too small stuff, ect., etc., etc.

We have a busy month and a half ahead of us, so I will have lots of pictures and things to post. Jeromy's parents are here on Saturday. We will actually be out of town at a wedding, but will see them on Sunday. Lots of fun, talk to you soon!


Kristen Borland said...

Sorry to hear you were so sick! Glad you are doing well now. I haven't read much (other than skimming) of your recent blogs. I hate to admit I put off reading long ones until I have time! It's terrible, I know!