Monday, April 7, 2008

Gone, But Not Forgotten

Yes, blog readers, I know that I have been seriously neglecting all 25 of you :) I still haven't really felt like blogging and on top of it, we have been really busy. Since we have been doing lots of unrelated things, I will randomly update you.

-We have spent the last two weeks looking for a house to buy.

-Yes, we just moved a year ago, but we never live anywhere longer than a year, so we were due.

-We have been praying our friends will help us move AGAIN!

-Rachel and Ellie seem to both be sick with some kind of a cold. Bummer!

-This is Ellie's first illness, and the binky seems to catch all the runny stuff coming out of her nose. That's either good or bad, I can't decide.

-Bennett discovered that he can make and save spit in his mouth and then drink it.

-I am getting a taste of how gross boys can be.

-We put an offer in on a house.

- I ran for a total of 4 minutes today. As pitiful as it sounds, it is progress. Previous times I tried to run, it put my back out again, and it took days to feel better.

-Bennett is almost 5, and he has lived in 6 different houses.

-Rachel got a pink booster seat to sit in and is very excited about her new big girl seat.

-Rachel has her "just in case" puke bowl on her head like a hat. That girl is so funny!

-I am going to be out of town for 2 of the next 4 weekends before we are potentially moving.

-I have about 9 meals in the freezer so far. I have been trying to do 3 or 4 per week.

-Some of them are even pretty good.

-I have been making about 2 loaves of gluten free bread a week and even Jeromy says it is really good. Hooray!

-I got my english muffin rings I ordered last week and am looking forward to trying my recipes for gluten, egg and dairy free crumpets and hamburger buns.

-Don't pity me, please.

-You'd think with my limited diet I would be back to pre-pregnancy size already, but alas, chips and dark chocolate are allowable.

-I only exercise when I am not pregnant, never when I am, but that will change if I am blessed with another baby. My poor body is just not bouncin' back like she used to!

-I got a Chicco umbrella stroller a couple of weeks ago for all of the traveling I am going to be doing with just Ellie, and I really like it!

-Looking for a house takes up your whole life between computer searching, looking in person and taking Jeromy back to the good possibilities, I am looking forward to having my days and nights back.

-I am getting really excited for the 4 day trip my mom, Ellie and I are taking to CA for my cousin's wedding. It has been a long time since my family has been together.

-It is just as easy to pack in 2 weeks as it is to pack in several months. When you only have a couple of weeks, you just pack it all and don't have to sort through what you can't live without for a month when you will have to pack it eventually anyway. It allows for no procrastination, and I seem to need that. (I speak from experience!)

-Ellie is the same age that Rachel was when we moved to WA, but thankfully showing no signs of crawling yet!

-I can't come up with anything clever, so this is the end of the post!

Stay tuned for possible house news.


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