Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Our New House

We spent some time at our new house tonight, taking pictures and lots of measurements. We like to plan where everything is going to go before we move in. It makes moving day much easier, so we aren't having to make spur of the moment decisions with heavy objects. (Our moving help always appreciates that too!) Rachel and Bennett went into the backyard to play when we got there and within 5 minutes, Rachel fell on the back cement patio, scraped her hand badly and both of her knees (even through her leggings.) She spent the next 35 minutes wailing. Our real estate agent is so great that she tried to read her books to get her mind off of her pain while we did our stuff. Rachel isn't prone to drama, so she must have really been hurting. Every time we visit the house, we are more and more excited to move. This time was no exception. We are looking forward to being all settled in and starting a new chapter of our life there. We really love the open floor plan because it makes the living space seem so much bigger. In our current house, all of the rooms are closed off and it makes the space feel tight. Enjoy some of the pictures we took tonight!

This picture was taken right upon our arrival/pre-fall. The backyard is a pretty good size. This picture only shows half of it. There is a nice storage shed on the other half.


Kristen Borland said...

yay! i've been waiting for pictures! i like it a lot! the hardwood floors are a beautiful color, and i love the set up of the kitchen! it looks like you could be very happy there! (and nice big yards!

the first thing i thought when i saw the front of the house is this is definitely not CA! CA is sooo into fences! i marvel at neighborhoods without front and side fences (or no fences at all) when i visit other states. i like fences right now to keep toddlers in, but it is kind of sweet having so much open space without being boxed in.

Samantha said...

We like fences too so that we can just send our kids out to play. The backyard is fully fenced, and large, so they will be very happy out there. Most people don't have front yard fences here because the lots are larger than in CA because land is so cheap. There is enough room in the backyards that the front is just for looks. You guys don't have that luxury!

Soderin Family said...

It's beautiful! CONGRATS! Glad to see that you are all doing so well!