Wednesday, April 1, 2009

41 Weeks + 3 Days

Well, I officially feel for you, Mystie. This was night number two of strong contractions. We took a walk at 6:30 and by 7, I was having consistent contractions. So much so that I nearly called my midwife and mom to come over at about 4 am because the contractions were so strong, long and frequent. I was having a hard time relaxing through them and was in alot of pain. Then at 4:30 in the morning, I got up to get Jeromy, I was on the couch, to come out and time them and just the getting up and using the bathroom and sitting up made everything stop.

I talked to my midwife this morning, and she said that she has had women who contract lying down but not standing up. It is more rare, because it usually is the other way around, but happens. She said the way to tell if the contractions are active labor or not is to do something different. "Real" labor won't stop no matter if you are up, down, taking a shower, walking etc.

I am feeling pretty discouraged this morning. Contractions all night long didn't give me very much sleep and my stomach is pretty sore from all the contractions. Just the knowledge that I have to go through this again before it's all over is making me pretty down. (And thinking a hospital and epidural might not be so bad!)


Poppy Lane said...

Oh Sam, I so feel for you! I was dialated to 5 cm with all the contractions with Eli, then EVERYTHING stopped, to the point that my doctor sent me home! I've been on modified bed rest with this pregnancy for nine weeks so far, that I too am not sure my body will have what it takes to get this little one out naturally! I've never wanted an epidural, but it certainly has gained my interest this time around! One thing is for sure, it will happen soon, and I will continue to be praying for you, and that it will be a quick delivery.
love annie (scott:)

Kristen said...

how frustrating! isn't strange that each labor is so different, and no matter how many times you go through it you can still question whether or not it's real labor? i really hope you get some good rest/sleep before real labor starts.

Mystie said...

That is no fun at all -- I know. Just don't tell yourself anything. Don't think, "this is it" or "today is the day" or "it will go fast once it starts for real" -- because the truth is there's no way to know and then it's extra disappointing to be wrong (as I was on all three of those). Just watch movies or clean house or read blogs or anything else that distracts you. Fran had me drink a glass of champagne. :) I only cried if I tried sleeping.

I'm praying for you! The comfort is that God does know how it will all come down, and He's in control and He's with you.