Monday, May 11, 2009

My Great Kids!

These are my three musketeers. Rachel does whatever Bennett does and Ellie does whatever the big kids are doing, and they are always together. It is really cute. Bennett still loves his Ellie Bellie. Those two have always had a strong connection, and Bennett still likes to have her around and is really good with her (unless she is knocking down his legos and blocks!) Rachel is still getting over pink eye and caught Bennett's cold along the way. She looks pretty awful with goopy eyes, a constantly dripping nose, and really dark circles. Poor girl!

I finally got around to downloading my pictures off the camera. I think these pictures were taken last week. My mom says that Emma changes so much every week. I can't tell as much because I see her every day, but I know she is getting longer. She is still a skinny minny and will probably just be little like Ellie. Emma has really long arms though as you can see in these pictures. Her outfit fits her fine but the arms are too short. She is so tiny around, like Ellie, and everything looks like you could fit another baby in there with her. Enjoy my sweet little baby!


Kristen said...

all of your kids are so cute! emma is so beautiful.