Monday, February 22, 2010

Before and After- Entryway

Jeromy finished the baseboards and wood work around the dining room and living room openings this weekend, so he's going to kill me for posting pictures of the unfinished work, but I had already taken the pictures last week because the house was clean :)

We retiled the entryway mainly because we wanted to tile the kitchen, and we didn't like the current tile. Our original plan was to remove the wood laminate flooring in the kitchen and move it to the dining room, but we ended up wanting to match the flooring in the dining, family and living rooms. I had a rough time finding a tile we liked. Jeromy really likes modern decor, and I don't. He wanted dark, slate grey rectangular tile, and fortunately we couldn't afford that, so I went on a hunt to find a tile that looked more modern than the normal marble-look. I had a love at first sight moment with a tile that had a pattern on it that almost looked like fabric. It was a mixture of grey and blue and green with black lines on it. Jeromy wasn't too sure about it in the beginning and after it went in, I wasn't too sure about it, but I really am happy with it now.

One of the main problems with the house when we bought it was that it was soooooooo dark. The lighting was bad and the wall colors were really dark. It reminded me of a cave, and I am a person that needs alot of light. My mood depends on it!

I thought I was going to go with a color match of Restoration Hardware's Silver Sage, but it looked too dark for us. I ended up going with Sherwin Williams Sea Salt in the entryway, hallway, kitchen and family room, one shade darker in the dining room and two shades darker in the living room. I was so worried it would look too minty, like a bad 90s mint green, but it turned out how I had hoped. It looks green sometimes, blue others, and more grey in the evenings. I am very happy with it.




The baby kept following me around the house as I was taking pictures, so you'll see her pop in the pics here and there.


Kristen Borland said...

it all looks awesome! i'm sure it was a TON of work, but how nice to have a fresh start in your new house!