Monday, February 22, 2010

Before and After- Living Room

The living room is right off the entryway of the house. We went with a darker color on the walls than the entryway. I think it makes it look a little more formal. We put in a darker color hand scraped laminate wood floor. We debated hardwood, but we had it in our last house and our kids destroyed it. Hopefully the laminate will be a little more durable. The darker color wood and the shine it has to it was probably a big mistake. I am a mad woman with the Swiffer constantly trying to eradicate the dust the floor shows, but they look good :)

The original room had wallpaper, popcorn ceilings, parquet floors, and no overhead light. It does have a nice big picture window which was hard to enjoy with such heavy curtains.

Bennett scraping the ceilings

That is a hole in the wall that it shares with the laundry room. They had had a leak that we didn't know about until Jeromy found biological growth (mold!) on the drywall.

Some of the flooring was damaged in the living room from the moisture, so we decided to replace it. Jeromy didn't appreciate the parquet floors anyway. At this point, we decided just to replace the family room flooring too, so that it would all match. What's another 300 square feet anyway ;P

Some friends gave us a piano when we moved, and Bennett has really been enjoying playing it. We are going to start him with lessons soon. We also put in recessed lighting which has made a huge difference. I love light!