Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Bigotry, Racism and Eugenics

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The Most Dangerous Woman of the 19th Century

(The following is an excerpt taken from Alexander C. Sanger's profile. He is currently the Chair of the International Planned Parenthood Council and the grandson of Margaret Sanger.)

Swinging the Vote

To get back into political play, feminists should be looking at ways to swing the women's vote--both in midterm elections and in 2008--by claiming the rubric of successful family life. They should represent parents' desires to have children when it is best to have them, to raise their children safely to adulthood, to get them to adulthood in good health and educated for the jobs of tomorrow. And those jobs are just as much for daughters as for sons.

The anti-choice approach, by contrast, brings back the involuntary motherhood of old, with all the problems and suffering that entailed for women and children. Feminists should talk about abortion, as well as birth control, in terms of family formation, not just as a right or a matter of individual autonomy.

And feminists, even more than they presently do, should talk about child care, school quality, health care reform and national security in terms of the safety of families. Emphasizing these issues will get feminists out of the single-issue abortion pigeon hole and enable them to talk to U.S. women and men, on a broader set of issues about which every citizen has deep concern.
I am the third generation of a family that has been fighting for reproductive freedom, which is in peril now as never before.
Now is not the time to sweep support for abortion rights under a barrel. But new approaches must be found to persuade the American people that being pro-choice makes human sense. Since a one-dimensional approach to abortion rights has not worked, let's try something new.


Brianna Heldt said...

Isn't it amazing that someone so extreme was the founder of an organization now considered so mainstream and liberal in our society? I wish more people understood what the founder of Planned Parenthood was really about. Unfortunately much of her agenda has been achieved--minority groups and the poor are having the most abortions I believe, it is all really sad.

Samantha said...

You are right, Brianna. Birth control is looked at as so benign in our present culture. No one looks at why and how it started. It might make them think a little more about it.