Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Midwife Appointment

I had my first pre-natal appointment today. The same 'ol stuff. "No, I don't use IV drugs. No, I am not a victim of domestic abuse. No I don't smoke or drink during pregnancy." I have never seen this midwife before. She is one of two midwives in our area that are licensed to do homebirths. The other one is a naturopath doctor who I see for my food allergy problems and also take the kids to. The doctor doesn't accept insurance for homebirths and the other midwife does, so the choice was simple.

I was hoping to hear the heartbeat today. You can sometimes hear it as early as 10 1/2 weeks, which I am today. We heard the heartbeat right away and very easily. That fact coupled with my uterus size and placement makes her think that I am 4-6 weeks further along than I think I am. She did say that she has been wrong before. I asked her if my long torso and being so tall could make that happen, and she said that it would do the opposite. It should be lower and smaller.

There are a few things that makes me think that I am further along and a few things that make me think I am only at 10 weeks. I started getting sick around 5 weeks when I don't usually feel sick until 8-9 weeks. I should start feeling better any day now if I am indeed 14-16 weeks along, but I have been feeling worse which is is usually true with week 10 and 11. I have a friend that is convinced I am having twins. I mentioned it to the midwife and she said that I would be only showing 2 weeks bigger, not 4. (Maybe I am two weeks further along with twins?) She said I could have an ultrasound done to date the pregnancy accurately, but I was so sure that I do have the accurate date. I think I will probably wait until my next visit to see if I am still measuring large before having the ultrasound done. Jeromy and I were thinking that we might like to know the sex of this baby. We have done it both ways and it is nicer/easier for Jeromy to bond with a baby before it's born when he knows if it is a boy or a girl. We'll see.

My due date if I am 10 weeks along is September 15th. My midwife will be 3 hours away in Seattle on September 14th, for her neice's wedding. That would be a bummer! It is nice to know that my baby is doing well and has a little heart beat. Thank you Lord for letting me hear that today!


Mystie said...

Oh, I'm so glad you got a heartbeat! Did you deliver around your due date the other times?

A bonus month would be a nice surprise, even though I guess that'd mean an August birthday. :) August is not so fun for childbirth, but it is a great month for birthday parties. :) Think long-term.

jeromy said...

Good encouragement Mystie. Thank you for your perspective. It is a blessing and we are looking forward to this little one. I am getting excited! (I don't usually start getting excited until I can see Samantha's belly grow, and get really excited until I see it move!). Thanks for your encouragement and we truly value you guy's friendship.