Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Cravings of a Pregnant Mama

For all of you SLO County readers out there, can I tell you how much I am craving Firestones today! We just don't have anything close to as good as Firestones here. The only substitute I have found is a place in Kennewick called Majors. They have BBQ and other sides (it is more like JD Boones). They just don't have the yummy sweet BBQ sauce and really good seasoned fries like Firestones though. Jeromy doesn't like Majors all that much, so I can't even get him to go very often. Sigh! (Jeromy misses In-N-Out the most!)

(I just had to take a 5 minute break from writing this post because Bennett hit his finger with a hammer outside and was screaming like a crazy person. No broken skin, just a blood blister. Boys, I'll tell ya!)

I think I am hungry because all I feel like writing about is food. I don't mind eating food these days, just preparing it. I am fighting with myself about going to Burger King. I know it isn't good for me, but I really want a fish sandwich and french fries. Oh, for those of you that don't know, I fell off the gluten-free wagon. I tested really allergic to gluten and eggs last year and have been really good about staying away from it. Well, since being pregnant all I want is starchy food, bread mainly! To tell you the truth, I don't feel physically worse since I have been eating it which makes it hard to think that I am allergic to it. I had the testing done because Rachel and Bennett were reacting to foods and they are both gluten intolerant with physical symptoms if they eat it. I don't know what I will do in the long run, but for now, I am eating wheat! My only concern is sensitizing my unborn baby to it. I have read that food allergies are very hereditary and you can sensitize a baby to foods that you are allergic to if you eat them while pregnant. No one knows for sure. I guess I would have to stay off the foods while pregnant to see if I get a kid with no food allergies. Not this time I am afraid.

(Okay, that was my second break. Rachel was running and fell in the gravel and scraped her hands and got mud on her face. I remember how bad it feels to scrape your palms when you are a kid. Ouch!)

I lived on Taco Bell, Fatte's Pizza and Tacos de Mexico when I was in my first trimester with Bennett. I guess he turned out all right. I should probably add donuts into that first list as well. I was working at Lifeline in Grover Beach, CA and Taco Bell was right across the street and a donut shop was at the end of the block. Maria was my partner in crime and we enjoyed many a donut from that establishment. Dawn used to get so mad at me for eating Taco Bell because of all the "junk" in it. Ah, those were good days. I wonder how much healthier babies were a 100 years ago when all there was to eat was "real" food. Salt was the only preservative they had.

Now I am REALLY hungry and need to go do something about it. Bye for now!


Brianna Heldt said...

Well now you've done it, now I'M wanting Firestone (and it's only 8:30 in the morning, ew!) I LOVE their fries, tri-tip sandwiches and also their steak salads. Yummmm. Sadly we rarely go because the tables are too high for their high chairs and it's so hard to get a seat anyhow. But now after reading your post Kevin and I may need to hit them up by ourselves sometime soon!

jeromy said...

Who says you can't have a burger and fries at 8:30am? When I did the auto auctions in LA I would hit In-And-Out in the morning on the way down. I would leave in the morning so by the time I got to Oxnard I had been up for 3 or 4 hours so it was lunch time. Mmmmm. I also miss the ol' days of walking to FSG after church at Grace. Such great times. Worshiping God and then lunch with all my friends. You're right, the Tri-tip sandwich is awesome (a bit pricey now, but still great). I took too much for granted. Thanks for your post Brianna and say hi to K-dog for me.

Samantha said...

Brianna, Jeromy is the master table getter at Firestones. He is such a good stalker and was almost ALWAYS able to get us a table. We usually just had
Bennett sit in the booth with us. It makes it harder, but still doable with us. Eat some Firestones for me!

Kristen Borland said...

Brianna, Great news! Firestone's expansion has added many normal-height tables, perfect for high chairs. They are in the back.

Samantha, I'm so sorry that you have cravings that cannot be satisfied! When I was pregnant with Zeb, I had to have an Arby's sandwich, but the closest Arby's was almost an hour away. It was torture! I have to say I'm not a Firstone fane. They have good fries, yes, but I haven't found anything there I just have to have. The steak sandwiches are getting so expensive. And actually, I think their bbq sauce is yummy, but too sweet for my tummy to tolerate. And, I hate to say it, Jeromy, but I don't like In-N-Out! It's literally less than a minute from our house (in fact, you can see our lovely white picket fence from the In-N-Out parking lot). I know, a crying shame. :)

jeromy said...

Kristen, hmm, you like Arby's and don't like In-N-Out. There might be a pattern here. I don't want to make this too strong, but I will be praying for your salvation. I hope to see you on the other side where we will all be eating In-N-Out with the Lord:) They even have scriptures on the cups how much more could you ask for? -JK Take care and take a good whiff for me next time you drive by on your way home.

Kristen Borland said...

Jeromy, when the wind is heading the right direction, i often have great whiffs of In-N-Out right from my house! i'll try not to rub it in too badly!

i will admit they have great milk shakes (one redeeming quality).

how can you not love arby's? that is a crying shame.

Mike and Rachel said...

I've heard you only need to stay away from your allergy foods in your third trimester. No idea if it is true, but...

and I miss IN-N-OUT