Thursday, March 1, 2007

The cooking dadda and Jonathan Edwards

That's right. I have been cooking at least dinner for the past 3 weeks. And yes we are still alive. Praise God. I have a much greater understanding of what women and especially working women go through and I feel for them. When I get home in the evening the last thing I want to do is cook and then even worse is having to clean up afterwards.

But you know, this has been a good time of character shaping. The Lord is working through some issues with me and I am learning more patience and understanding. I must admit my attitude was not the best the first week or so. It was hard for me to get over self and serve my family. I could justify by saying "isn't going to work all day long enough?" The answer is a resounding "no!" My calling is not to do enough, it is to do, PERIOD!

I am sure this is not going to be easy, and I would appreciate your prayers as the Lord makes this transition in me. It's all about routine. Once I was in the routine of coming home and playing with the kids and relaxing, that is what I expected to do. Correspondingly, I would not have the best attitude when asked to break from this routine. It is my prayer that I will be able to continue to serve my family as I should.

I was reminded today of Jonathan Edward's Resolutions. He wrote these to empower himself in the moment of decision. They are very inspirational and I would suggest you take a look. He thought out what his life was supposed to look like in advance so that when the moment of decision came he would act rather than react. I am going to work through his and write my own. Here is just a peek:

Jonathan Edwards on road rage (probably not what he was resolving, but think about. Problem solved):

15. Resolved, Never to suffer the least motions of anger towards irrational beings.

To this end, I believe it is my role as head of this household to be the vision setter. Yikes! I am going to be working through and setting some longer range goals for our family. Please pray for us as we try to figure out what the Lord would have us do to further His kingdom. It is exciting not knowing where you will be in 3 years or 6 months! All I do know is I want to start setting goals and working toward them. I'll keep you posted.


Kristen Borland said...

It is great to hear your perspective. Mike often says he's grateful for the times when he's had to step up and do more around the house and for the children (during my pregnancies, etc.) because of what God has taught him and for the spiritual growth that came as a result. I truly appreciate him, as I'm sure Samantha appreciates you! I do not envy you Heads of Households! What a responsibility!

jeromy said...

Kristen, thank you for your comment. It is tough and I am not perfect, but life is not about comfort it is about service. It is amazing that God trust us (and when I say us, I really mean me:)) to care for a wife and raise little ones. It is a great responsibility, but an even greater blessing.