Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Girls That Love Shoes

Rachel has been going through a rough patch lately. She has been super fussy and temper-tantrum prone. She is usually really happy and easy going, so these rough patches are hard for all of us. She has still had sweet moments mixed in with the fussies, so I thought it would be good to write a positive post about her to make parenting her easier right now! She has been spending alot of time outside since our weather has been so nice lately. She even outlasts Bennett out there, if you can believe it. The other night, Bennett was helping Jeromy paint our bathroom, so I let Rachel go play outside with her little push bike. She was a happy little girl, and I had to take some pictures of her because she looked so cute.

Her other new obsession is shoes! She has been spending so much time putting on Bennett's shoes lately. His rubber boots are her favorite, and she gets so excited when she manages to get them on. She says, "Did it!" It is so fun to watch her concentrate so hard, and she is really patient.

Bennett's Elmo tennnis shoes.

Maybe it would help if I lie down.

Ouch, I dropped it on my head!

I still love you shoes!

We all had dinner with my mom and a family friend on Sunday night. The friend was telling us a story about when her daughter was around Rachel's age, she would insist on wearing what she wanted to wear and wouldn't let anyone pick her clothes out for her. I had made the comment that it was so nice how easy going Rachel is and that she is happy as long as it is a "pretty" (that's what she calls her dresses.) Well, the very next day Rachel insisted on wearing sandals (it was cold out) and I told her she had to wear her boots. She was really upset to say the least. Every day since then, she is really picky about what shoes she wears. Unbelievable! The purple sweater she is wearing in all the above pictures is also something that she has insisted on wearing for several days now. I just tried to take it off of her because it is warm in the house, and she wouldn't let me. I told her that it was too hot and she said, "No, warm." I guess it is about time for the little self-will to make its appearance. Bennett was pretty well worked into shape by her age, so she's just a little late I guess. Unfortunately, she can talk though, Bennett was too little and would just grunt or something. I never look forward to the talking. If only they would have all nice things to say. Parenthood......Gotta love it!

One last story....... Bennett was just trying to tell Rachel he was sorry for hitting her in the head with a plastic hanger. He gave her a hug and said, "I forgive you." (He gets confused with that one) A hug apparently wasn't good enough. She needed a kiss too. I just looked up to see him chasing a screaming Rachel through the living room, tackle her to the ground, and kiss her. Man, what an apology. We need to work on that one I think.


Kristen Borland said...

what a cutie!!!

glad to hear all is still well with baby. we'll just have to wait and see about twins!

Samantha said...

I am really sure that I am NOT having twins. What are the odds anyway? I think maybe I was so sick because I got pregnant so soon after the last miscarriage. That is my theory at least. We'll see!