Friday, March 2, 2007

The Sky is Falling?

A friend of ours (Thanks, Matt!) recently had this link on his blog, and it is an interesting commentary about global warming.

I listened to a radio show called Generations recently talking about the same subject. There were a few interesting things though that one would never hear from the mainstream media.

-Global temperature, with the current means of measurement, is reported to be 6/10 of a degree warmer. The error factor in that measurement is plus or minus 2 degrees. That is not even in the realm of measureability!
-Did you know that the Vikings used to farm Greenland?! That is that really big mass of land that nowadays is just ICE! Greenland used to be about 2 degrees Celsius warmer.
-The early arrival of migratory birds in the spring is supposed to mean that the north is getting warmer, but did you know that Anarctic penguins are arriving at their spring nesting grounds 9 days later than 50 years ago, and East Anarctica is getting colder?
-Sea ice is diminishing in the Arctic, but did you know that sea ice has grown 8% in the south ocean?

To listen to the audio of the broadcast click on What to do When the Sky is Falling.


Kristen Borland said...

great article! i laughed out loud! i jokingly like to attribute all the troubles in the world right now to global warming. watch out, the world will come to an end... some day... but it won't be because of that!