Friday, March 9, 2007

Nice Day

Here in Eastern Washington, we have started to have a few nice days sprinkled into the normal cold days and the ever possible snow flurry. The kids have been spending hours outside playing and having so much fun. Bennett has been waking up asking to go play outside. When I ask Rachel if she wants to go play outside, she tells me, "No, cold." She is conditioned to think it is ALWAYS cold outside. Poor thing!

This is what they were playing before I "released" them outside. Bennett spread out a big blanket and said they were playing "picnic." It was pretty cute. (Notice Rachel's face. Everytime I pull out the camera and she sees it, this is the face she makes!)

Lunch outside at their table.

These are my tulips starting to come up. See the green leaves coming up in the bark. I am so excited.

These are more tulips I am assuming. A wonderful woman from church brought me a bunch of bulbs last year, tulips and gladiolas, and I tried to keep the different bulbs separate. I had something that I think were lavander crocuses come up in the fall, so I am not really sure what is going on in this little space. I had a bigger plant growing there until I saw the crocuses and had to move the plant somewhere else. One of our resident bunny rabbits has since eaten the plant I am afraid.