Tuesday, March 27, 2007

~Tozer- Thoughts on the Cross~

The cross would not be a cross to us if it destroyed in us only the unreal and the artificial. It is when it goes on to slay the best in us that its cruel sharpness is felt.
-Born After Midnight

We must do something about the cross, and one of two things only we can do- flee it or die upon it.
-The Root of the Righteous

Every advance that we make for God and for His cause must be made at our inconvenience. If it does not inconvenience us at all, there is no cross in it! If we have been able to reduce spirituality to a smooth pattern and it costs us nothing-no disturbance, no bother and no element of scarifice in it-we are not getting anywhere with God.
-I Talk Back to the Devil

One of the reasons we exhibit very little spiritual power is because we are unwilling to accept and experience the fellowship of the Savior's sufferings, which means acceptance of His cross
-I Talk Back to the Devil

The pain of the cross means that we are in the way.
-That Incredible Christian

I have not read, in their entirety, all of these quoted works by Tozer, but I have read, and am currently re-reading, The Pursuit of God, A 31-Day Experience by A.W. Tozer compiled by Edythe Draper. It is the complete text of his classic, The Pursuit of God, divided into 31 daily readings with added quotations from his other numerous works (40+) and from additional contemporary and classic authors as well. It is so rich with insight and passion for Christ and is truly a wonderful devotional. If you are looking for a new companion to your time in the Word, you will love this book!


Mrs. Meg Logan said...

This understanding of the pain of the cross and the necessity for us to die upon it is so often over looked. Recently the Lord has been teaching me about suffering in the life of the believer, and His hand in it. How the suffering works in us righteousness. It is that cross that brings us to the end of ourselves and to a completeness in Him.

Therefore we ought to look forward with joy to each trial and affliction. As in James we should count it a joy, because it works endurance into us, patience, and righteousness. He is the great surgeon. He breaks and re-makes, and His healing touch is so pleasant and soothing after that painful time on the surgeon's cross, that time in the Refiner's Fire.

Thanks for this post. I appreciated it. BTW, I think I found your blog from QF Digest, you sent me an email.

Mrs. Meg Logan