Monday, March 19, 2007


Yesterday at church some of the women were talking about strange pregnancy stories. There is a woman locally, she sees the midwife that one of the ladies from my church sees, that is 37 weeks pregnant and just found out she was carrying twins. I just can't imagine the war going on inside my womb and thinking I just had a really active baby. I can't imagine 2 people kicking and pushing in there and not thinking something was different. That led to the story of someone else's friend who gave birth to twins when she didn't even know she was carrying multiples. She birthed one baby but her abdomen was still huge and she was still having contractions and out comes a second baby. She even had an ultrasound done but one of the babies was hiding behind the other. That led to a story that one of the women had read in the newspaper about a local woman who gave birth in the hospital parking lot. She was on her way to the ER because she was experiencing strange abdominal cramping. (DUH!) She didn't know she was pregnant. I just can't believe that! I guess she was overweight and just didn't notice the signs?! Anyone that has felt a baby try to poke an elbow out your stomache skin or crack a foot up into a rib would understand how CRAZY this is! How could you miss all the signs? My thought was that I hope they didn't let a baby go home with someone that didn't even notice she was pregnant. How could you trust that she would notice things like, oops, did I leave my baby somewhere, or how long has that baby been crying, or when did I feed it last? I just can't imagine. The last crazy story was of a woman who called her husband to meet her at the hospital, she had just given birth, and he never knew she was pregnant. I guess she too was a plump woman, and he just never noticed. "Boy honey, you sure do use the bathroom alot these days!" That is not so far fetched as the woman herself not knowing though.

That whole conversation was brought about because I see the midwife tomorrow, and I think that I am looking much more pregnant than my normal 14 weeks. I am sure I am over-analyzing things now because I can't really remember how I look at any given stage in the pregnancy. It is weird how fast you forget. We'll see and I will let you all know.


Mike and Rachel said...

The nurse at my OB's office has a friend who found out she was carrying twins early on and found out it was really triplets at 25 weeks. The crazy part is that it is all natural. No fertility treatments or anything. I hope your appointment gives you the answer you are looking for!

Kristen Borland said...

too funny! i've heard some amazing stories too!

i know with subsequent pregnancies you can look "more pregnant" earlier on with each new pregnancy.