Saturday, March 31, 2007

Lack of Posting

Things have been busy! For those of you that don't know me well, I don't like for things to be busy. I like to be home with my kids during the week without much running around. Most people call it the daily duldrums or the daily grind, but I like it that way!

Our real estate agent came over on Wednesday night, so I had cleaned and de-cluttered the entire house. That was alot of work! She thought the house looked so much better than when we bought it, so that was encouraging. We have replaced the ceiling fans, light fixtures, taken down wallpaper, painted rooms, cabinets and did a neat, simple trick with spray paint. We (by we, I mean Jeromy) spray painted the handles to the bathroom cabinets silver, they were an ugly gold color, and spray painted the rusty old gold pendant lights in the back bathroom. They look great and we saved money. The cheapest pendant lights , those are the kind that hang down from the ceiling, we could find were $25 a piece. She also thought we should list it for way more than we were thinking, so that was even better! She is going to give a virtual tour to the agents in her office (30+ of them), and then the house will officially go on the market April 19. By then we need to clean up the property, weed wack the river front, weed the flower beds in the front, and have a massive garage sale.

Oh, and my in-laws are in town for the next week, so things are busy!! Their visit will be good because we will have to take a break and have some fun too. I will try to take lots of pictures of all the fun, but bear with me as it may take a while to get back into posting very often.