Saturday, March 24, 2007

House Selling

I love those shows on HGTV that have an expert come in and tell people what they can do to make their homes more desirable to prospective buyers. What is always so frusterating is the fact that they make their house look SO much better than it did before for SOMEONE else. If they would have done these improvements earlier, they could have enjoyed living somewhere nicer. I always have had the feeling that I wanted to enjoy the nicer home instead of just fixing it up before selling it. Well, we are in the process of fixing up some things (for someone else) because we are going to talk to our real estate agent about putting it on the market in a month or so.

So far Jeromy has painted the front bathroom and cupboards, changed the light fixture in there and repainted the bottom of the shower that was rusty and gross. It looks so much better and I can't believe we (by that I mean he) didn't do it sooner! Granted we have only been here for a year, but still! Today he replaced the two very outdated ceiling fans in our living room/dining room, one of which had lights that didn't work. Now he is in his shop painting the drawer and cabinet fronts to the back bathroom cabinets that we started before we moved in but never finished. He is also spray painting all of our bathroom hardware silver instead of the gold they are now.

Our house will look so nice for those next owners to enjoy! There is just something so fundamentally wrong with that!

(For those of you that didn't know we were considering selling, well, we are! We want to start living debt free and this will be our ticket to that lifestyle! We will stay in this area and just rent for a while.)


Kristen Borland said...

do you plan on ever buying again?

Samantha said...


We are open to whatever the Lord has for our future, but if we did end up buying, we would put alot of money down and pay off the home loan asap. I don't think we would take out a 30 yr mortgage again.

Jeromy likes the idea of buying a cheap fixer-upper and living there for 2 years while we fix it up and then sell it to make some profit. I think if we did that enough times, we could buy a home with cash. We have come to a good understanding of what the Bible means by a borrower being servant to the lender and we don't like it!

Anonymous said...

You are experiencing what most homeowners who are going to sell go through. Let me tell ya: In our last home we had an UGLY master bath, old, cheap, ugly. Then, my hubby remodeled it with a beautiful tile surround for the bathtub, beautiful tile floor, pedestal sink, all new fixtures, and wainscoating! It was gorgeous! Just in time for the new owners. Boohoo. But I did get to take a few baths in the glorious bathroom before the house sold. Oh, and the fence finally got painted, and the side yard finally got landscaped, and the living room got painted too in the last month before selling.
The good news is that we made a fair amount of money on the house. (Good job, hubby on the remodel!!!!)
Empathizing with you,

Mrs. Meg Logan said...

We are fixing up to list too! After living here for nearly four years! Boy, I sure wish I had gotten my remodeled kitchen sooner. But, we needed to use some equity to do it, and we too feel the Lord calling us to debt free living as soon as possible. He is making a way for us!