Friday, June 22, 2007

Caught Up With Life

I just can't seem to stay on top of things lately. Well, let me actually say that all I can seem to manage is the everyday minimum that it takes to run a household. Cleaning, cooking, shopping, and a mild amount of child rearing. I really hope that it is just being in the third trimester of pregnancy. I am someone that is usually really good about getting everything she wants done, done, but lately I just can't seem to get there. I have had several friends that I have wanted to call recently and chat and invite over, but I can't seem to make phone calls.

My children are a whole other topic, but something drastic will be taking place soon, hopefully. I want to take next week off to devote time to them. They have been bickering and fighting non-stop for weeks now, and something must be done! I am not going to do all the housecleaning as usual, and we will be eating simple meals or things brought home by Jeromy. I am going to practice the art of "tomato staking" my children ( and keep them with me all day every day until the fighting turns into something much nicer. The theory is that children need to be staked (to me and Jeromy) or else they grow wild and out of control and their fruit drops all over the ground and rots. Pretty good mental picture. I did it with Bennett when he was about 18 months and constantly seemed to be getting into trouble when out of my sight and it worked really well within a few days. I am hoping that the kids just need to be trained to play together, share and just generally be nice to one another. Bennett needs to learn to respect Rachel's personal space, wants and desires and Rachel needs to have that example to follow herself. She has just picked up on his bad habits it seems, but she has now learned to fight back. It isn't pretty!

On top of that, Rachel needs to be potty trained. Not just because she just turned 2, but because she has been ready for quite a while now. I am so gun-shy about doing it though because it has been such a struggle with Bennett. I just don't mind diapers all that much. I know that I need to do it now before the baby comes or it will be a long time before I get around to it. I had said I was going to do it once it got warmer outside and it is definitely warmer. I need to start praying now for a large tank of patience because I really struggled the first time around. Supposedly girls are supposed to be easier, but time will tell.

That's all for now from the Markworts. Have a great weekend!


Anonymous said...

I just noticed around here that I've been blaming Hans when Jaeger whines while they play and now Hans is jumpy and Jaeger is a confirmed whiner. We need some tomato staking around here, too. :) I don't suppose I can put it off until I'm out of the first trimester, either. :)

Kristen Borland said...

let me know how this goes. this sounds interesting (the tomato staking and the potty training!).

Kristen Borland said...

that looks like a great website! i bookmarked it to read in pieces as i have time, but i'm already excited about it. thanks for linking it!

Brianna Heldt said...

that tomato thing does sound interesting. i haven't checked out the link yet but it makes good sense--young kids need their parents!

just be glad that normally you're able to get done what needs to be done! i feel like i'm constantly behind on things with no energy to do them.

i was thinking of you yesterday as somehow the topic of birthcontrol came up. would you be willing to do a post on your thoughts about that? we are adamantly against any sort of hormonal/implanted birth controls but i admit i'm curious to know more about what others think about natural family planning, etc. wow, it looks like i just added something to your to-do list! oops!!

Samantha said...

I will prayerfully consider opening up that can of worms for you, Brianna. I will at least post the Bible verses and links that helped us get to the place we are now. The Godly Tomatoes website has helped me alot in the past, really good stuff on there.