Sunday, June 24, 2007

The Week Modified

I think that I was being overly drastic in my last post. Since being more aware of the problem between the kids, I have been able to do more to correct it, even admist regular life. I am still going to do the tomato staking, but instead of dropping my life to do what the kids want, they will be following me around instead. I will be making a better effort to "play" with them in order to teach them to get along better. It is crazy how a whole day can go by and I realize that I didn't interact enough with them. Since they have each other, it is easy to just send them off to play while I do my thing. I hope to make that a priority this week.

On the issue of potty training, we are going camping soon, so I think I should wait until we get back. I don't want to make a hundred trips to the bathroom with a newly potty trained 2-year-old.

I feel better with this plan for the week. We have Jeromy's parents coming to stay the following week, so I really can't let everything go this week. That is a scary proposition. We also wouldn't have any clothes to wear. Laundry doesn't care about child rearing issues! I am probably just feeling better because I am not facing potty training in the morning, but whatever the reason, things are looking more positive!