Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Rachel's 2nd Birthday Party

The birthday girl had the pleasure of sharing her big day with the Dad's this year. We celebrated everything at once plus my brother's girlfriend's birthday was the weekend before, so we threw that in as well. We BBQd hamburgers, hot dogs and chicken and had a big spread. Rachel was happy with her hot dog and potato chips!

She got a big bunch of balloons that she happily played with all day long!

Isn't she adorable!!

She delicately opened up all of her gifts. No ripping and tearing open for her.

I had a gluten/dairy-free success with the chocolate pie I made! It was so tasty that everyone tried some. Rachel liked her new cel phone so much that I couldn't get her to put it down even for dessert!

Rachel playing with her new toys. She got a stroller, high chair and other feeding toys for her baby dolls. She also got a new purse, cel phone, a new outfit and a bunch of jewelry. The next morning was hilarious seeing Bennett walking around with pearls on, a pink purse over his shoulder and a little girl baby doll in his arms. He has been having as much fun as she has with all the new baby doll stuff. It is about time that Rachel gets to play something besides guns or tools!


Kristen Borland said...

happy birthday, rachel!!!! what a cutie pie!!