Monday, August 13, 2007

35 Weeks 2 Days

I had a checkup today. I gained back the pound I had lost from the last time I was weighed. We talked about all the details of a home birth. She told me that we could have the homebirth anywhere after 37 weeks. We went over the list of things I need to have here for the home birth, the preparations we need to make, and what the midwife will be responsible for. I need to still find/buy the following things:
-10 old towels and washcloths
-Old fitted sheet(s) for our bed which will be a little harder because our bed is a CA King, not the most common size
-Shower curtain (I might just use some old vinyl tablecloths I have.)
-Large bottle of hydrogen peroxide (hopefully we won't need this for any carpet stains)
-Some old receiving blankets I don't care about getting ruined
-Several quarts of the drink Recharge (I drank this after Rachel's birth and it was great. It is an electrolyte drink like gatorade, but natural)
-Snacks and drinks for myself, Jeromy and midwife

I also need to pre-register at the hospital just in case I need to be transferred, so we don't have to worry about it during an emergency. (I live about 3 blocks from the hospital for all of you that are worried about such things!) My biggest concern is probably getting the midwife here in time. My other homebirthing friends that have fast labors have not called early enough and given birth without them. I hope that we are more aware of timing this birth and not ignoring all of the signs that the baby is coming.......soon!

I feel ready mentally to have the baby. I am starting to get uncomfortable and looking forward to having my abdomen back to myself. My ribs and lower back have been really sore this week, but I know it is because I haven't been resting every day like I need to be doing. In fact, I am going to sign off to take a nap right now. ZZZZZZZZZ