Thursday, August 9, 2007

What We've Been Up To

I have not felt like I have anything to blog about lately. I haven't been taking any pictures either. We've had people over for dinner, went to a baseball game, had the kids spend the night at my parents for a little break, watched some movies, gone to church/bible study, I have been buying things on ebay, and just played at home alot. I am starting to nest a little bit before Elizabeth (Ellie) Joy makes her entrance into the world. I found a girl's crib bumper at Goodwill for $1.75 which I was extremely excited about. It is pink on one side and pink and white flowers on the other side. I bought some curtain rods for her room as well to hang some lace curtains that I have been carrying around for years, but I don't think the kind of rods I got are going to work. I am wanting to get a glider rocker for the nursery too, so I have been looking around online for one.

I had my midwife appointment canceled this week because my midwife had a birth to attend. I had to reschedule for Monday morning. This will be my last appointment I have to go to her office for. At 36 weeks she makes home visits every week to do the checkup and to get used to getting to my house and where everything is. In case some of you don't know, I am having a homebirth this time around. I just about had one last time around, but we hadn't planned on that one. In WA, health insurance will pay for homebirths, which is the only reason we didn't have one before. The out of pocket costs were too high. Actually, we bought our minivan instead!

I can't believe I only have a little over a month to go. This pregnancy has gone by so fast. I think having two other little ones around has helped that alot. My constant indigestion has magically disappeared, so I am wondering if I have "dropped" already. I don't think I ever did with Bennett or Rachel until I was in labor, but I don't know why the indigestion would be completely gone. My only complaint is my back by the end of the day, but as long as I can take it easy after 7pm I am usually okay. If I am still cleaning up any later than that, I pay for it!

We have been attending Wednesday night Bible study at our church this summer. We are going through a DVD series put out by Focus On The Family called, "The Truth Project." We have been really impressed with it. It is very well done and has been very thought provoking. It basically is looking at science, philosophy, history, government, religion and trying to separate truth from the lies that so pervade our society these days. It is done in a lecture/classroom style with alot of multimedia thrown in (interviews, graphics, comments, etc.) There are interviews with R.C. Sproul, Ravi Zacharias and other very well respected Christians. We gather for a potluck meal beforehand, so it has been a good time of fellowship as well. It is nice to connect midweek with the body of Christ, and we know our days are numbered for doing this type of thing for a while once the baby comes.

That's all that we have been doing around here. I will TRY to get some new pictures this week, and people keep bugging me to post some Samantha pregnant pictures, so I will try to do that as well.


Kristen Borland said...

yes, i want to see samantha pregnant pics too!

your Bible study sounds very interesting! i'm glad you've had an opportunity to fit that in before the baby comes. oh how life changes with a newborn!

i'm so excited to hear how the home birth goes. i think that's great. don't think i could ever do it, but then again i don't really have a strong desire for it. but i think it's great other people like it! and elizabeth joy, or ellie joy, is such a beautiful name! sounds so sweet and pure.

we've been sick around here. i'm going nuts in my brain with all the cleaning that needs to get done and all the projects i want to finish before our number three comes home. and getting so excited and impatient to go get amanda! life is so challenging and so fun! if you ever have some down time and are on the computer, look up NATHHAN/CHASK organizations. maria was having me look into them as they have contacted Lifeline, and she wanted to know if she should refer people to them. anyway, there are some good resources there and also such an interesting and special ministry.

Rachel said...

I hope the last month flies by for you.

Diapers... I had to use Pampers swadlers for the first month, anything else slipped off my kids butt, not fun clean up. Once she was a size one I switched to Target Brand. I really like them and don't have leaks. Yes I have the occasional blow out, but I think that would happen regardless of the brand. I switched Aubrey once she was a size 3 and I still love them at 2 years. So there you have it. I hope you find a good "fit."