Thursday, August 2, 2007


I have spent the last week or so compiling diaper prices to find out what brand and what stores have the cheapest diapers. I have always used Pampers with both of my kids, mainly because when I used Huggies, they both leaked out of them. That was enough to make me loyal to Pampers. There are so many other brands out there, but unfortunately you can't just buy a sample of a few diapers. You have to make quite a commitment buying a big pack. Rachel is at the point that I feel like I can try some other brands and use her as a guinea pig. I bought Walmart's brand, Parent's Choice, today and at first glance I wasn't as happy with them as Pampers. They said they had the stretchy tabs, but they didn't seem to stretch to me. I also want to try Costco's brand, Luvs, and Target's brand. Has anyone tried any of these brands? Any likes and dislikes? From what I have found so far at Walmart (I haven't priced Target brand, but have heard good things about them) Parent's Choice is the cheapest followed by Luvs, Costco brand, and Pampers. Pampers are the same price as Luv's though if you can get them at Toys R Us when they have the $5 off coupon. I don't think that comes around very often, but I guess you could stock up when it does. I'll keep you posted with my findings but would love any input you have out there.


Mystie said...

I just went price-comparing recently myself because WalMart stopped carrying the White Cloud diapers I have bought for years. I tried Parent's Choice, but they are too cheap for my boys' sensitive skin. I never had problems with a particular brand on leaking more often than others -- leaks sometimes happen; little babies often have blow-outs -- but I had problems with diaper rashes if I bought the cheapest of the cheap.

I tried Luv's when Hans was little and regretted it immediately upon opening the package. They reek of diaper powder. You can smell the scent when the toddler walks by. I've not tried Pampers, but been happy with both Huggies and Kirkland. They cost about the same per diaper at Costco, which has Huggies for less than WalMart. I've not checked Target because I didn't think it was worth the time. They're never cheaper than WalMart; people shop there who can't stand being in WalMart and are willing to pay for a nicer store. :) WinCo also has a cheap store brand I haven't tried or price-compared because I always forget to. I'm always thinking "food" at WinCo and "supplies" at WalMart and I rarely buy food at WalMart or supplies at WinCo. :)

Brenda Williams said...

Kirkland are very nice and similar to Huggies, but surprisingly aren't usually any cheaper than the Huggies in Costco. Unless I have a Kirkland coupon I usually stick with Huggies since that is the only other brand carried at Costco. I have tried Pampers and liked them a lot, but normally they are more expensive.
If I need diapers when there are no good sales on anywhere, I can't get to Costco, or I have no coupons, I order from They ship free and the prices are competitive. So convenient!

K said...

What size is Rachel in? I have some Target and Kirkland (made by Huggies, which is why they only carry that name brand) that you could try some of. In the Target I have size 4 (22-37 lbs.), in Kirkland size 4 (22-37), and size 5 (27+ lbs). Also Huggies in size 3 (16-28 lbs) and 4 (22-37). Make your own sample pack!


Samantha said...

Mystie and Brenda thank you for the info. I didn't know that Huggies makes Kirkland brand. I don't like scented things either, so I will probably stay away from the Luvs brand.

Kirsti, Rachel is a size 4 and I would so appreciate a sample pack!! Thank you for offering.

K said...

I gave the diapers to Mystie, so you can get them next time you see her. Good luck on your quest.