Tuesday, October 2, 2007

We Are Still Here

Just a quick post to let you all know that we are still alive and well. Ellie had a pretty rough first couple of nights home. No sleep to be had. The first day she was awake all day and night, she just wasn't tired I guess. The second day she slept all day and was up until 5 am and then slept half the day. Last night I was afraid we would have a repeat because she had slept so much during the day, but she slept really well. I nursed her in bed and she went right back to sleep each time. Ahhh, sleep is such a great thing! She is nursing really well and although it is really painful for me I know that it is only rough the first couple of weeks. We have a Dr. appointment for her tomorrow morning so I am always anxious to know how much weight my babies have gained. Mine don't ever lose weight, they just gain large amounts right away. It is pretty funny to see the Dr's reactions to the number. Wow, they are sure good eaters aren't they? I need to take some new pictures and will post them soon. Gotta go, baby's crying.


Jodi said...

Reading this post is like looking into a mirror! Except I have a boy (and he did lose some weight, but is making up for it now!).