Tuesday, October 30, 2007

4 Weeks Old

Our little baby is growing up already. They grow and change so fast. I am trying to enjoy every day because I know this time is short and precious. Usually I am wanting my baby to get older so that he or she will sleep through the night, but she already has that one down. She has been sleeping from 10-5:30 pretty regularly. I am so lucky, I know! Unfortunately I haven't been getting any sleep after that due to a neighbor running a pallet refurbishing business out of her driveway and has started banging at 6:30 am. Insane!

Ellie is getting so alert. She opens her eyes really wide and looks at everything around her. She always turns her head to see who is talking to her. She loves looking at her brother and sister who are usually right in her face trying to get her attention. Even at 2 weeks old when the bath picture was taken, you can see her looking at us intently.

All cuddled up and ready to go. She loves the car, thankfully, especially when she has her binky. She really only uses it in the car and sometimes during the day when she is fussy and tired. It makes her fall right to sleep and then falls out of her mouth. She isn't so happy about the hat, mostly because it falls down over her eyes when she is in the car. She starts crying hysterically, and I know that it is over her face. Poor thing!