Monday, November 5, 2007

Random Stuff

Nothing hugely exciting going on here. Just normal day to day stuff. The most fun new thing is Ellie smiling now. She has been smiling a little for a week or two which seemed really early to me, but she is really smiling now. She is starting to get chubby and is just so cute! She looks alot like Bennett as a baby still except for the dark hair. My mom thinks it is starting to thin out a bit. I hope she doesn't lose it all like my other kids. She is such an easy baby and with the aid of the binky, she never cries or fusses! It is actually kind of weird because I am used to some crying and evening fussies.

I had an eye exam on Saturday and got a new prescription. I usually know when I need a stronger prescription, and I didn't think that I needed one this time, but I was wrong. It just got a little stronger, but what a difference it made with my new contacts. Everything was so clear. I always have the hardest time finding glasses frames that look good on me and this time was no different. The rectangular style that is so popular right now doesn't look good on me, but that is almost all that they make. I don't know if I just have a strange shaped face, but the only frames that are flattering on me are the weirdest shaped ones. I mean really strangely shaped. Like there is no name for the shape, not square, rectangular, round, oval, just a strangely bent pentagon or hexagon, I can't remember. I wanted pink glasses, but had to settle for red. I wanted something fun this time, and I am pretty happy with them. I will post a picture when I get them next week.

My lower back started hurting me pretty badly last Thursday and hasn't gotten better on its own, so I went to the chiropractor today. I am really hoping that does the trick because I have had a hard time picking up even Ellie without shooting pain. I love to be cracked. I know some people really don't like it, but I love it. I used to crack it all the time myself, but broke the habit when I went to the chiropractor in college and didn't want to waste the 40 bucks I spent to get it back in alignment.

I can't believe how much more laundry a family of 5 makes than a family of 4. It is staggering! Maybe doing laundry downstairs and having to bring it upstairs is why my back hurts? How do large families stay on top of it all?! Brianna, you must be up to your eyeballs in little clothes!

I have lost my mind since having Ellie. I have a severe case of mommy brain. I had it in my mind that we needed to get the kids to bed an hour early on Saturday night to get them on the new daylight savings time instead of an hour later. We kept them up all day with no naps and put them to bed early only to realize that they went to bed at 6:30 on the new time instead of 8:30 like I was thinking. Duh! They have adjusted fine despite my interference. I told Jeromy not to trust anything I tell him these days!