Sunday, November 25, 2007

What Did We Do?

We had a wonderful time in California. The weather was amazing, so warm and even hot some days. I got a tan in November, crazy! The kids travelled really well. They are so excited to fly and were easily entertained during the flights. The baby slept the whole trip it seems. Every time we leave the house, she sleeps the whole time. She loves her carseat and passes out any time she is in it. Bennett and Rachel had colds most of the trip, but they were troopers and had so much fun. So, what did we do?

We visited a dear friend, Maria (Ria to Bennett). I worked with Maria at Lifeline Crisis Pregnancy Center, and she is now the director of that center and Choices Pregnancy Center in San Luis Obispo. I love her and miss her so much!

We visited the Schaefers. Elizabeth is two weeks older than Bennett, and they had such a great time with each other. Our visit was way too short, but we hope to see them again soon if they pass through Washington.

They just built an amazing new house. Erich is a contractor and built it himself!

This is their beautiful 360 degree view! It was breathtaking!

Pop and Popgrandma took the older two to the Morro Bay Natural History Museum (I think that is what it is called?) and to Avila Valley Barn while Jeromy and I spent some time in San Luis Obispo together. We ate at our favorite Thai Restaurant (YUM!) and did a little shopping. I even splurged on the world's best cinnamon roll at The House of Bread!

Jeromy's best friend, Arthur, came to see us after he and Jeromy spent the day together. He has a bad knee/ankle so walks with a cane, and Bennett loves playing with his cane. He did get it confiscated though!

We met Kristen and her boys at the Atascadero Zoo. It was so good to visit amidst our 5 little ones ages 4 and under. Between Rachel falling down a dirt hill and skinning her knee, crying and whining, we did get to catch up a little! Miss you Kristen!

They loved the zoo!

This is what Ellie did everywhere we went. ZZZZZZZZZ

We also visited our dear friends, the Coles, and went to the beach a couple of times with the kids. I can't seems to find those pictures right now, so I will post another blog later with Thanksgiving pics too. It is nice to be home and I might even catch up in the next two weeks! Laundry, argh!!