Wednesday, November 7, 2007

My Little Helpers

It is pretty amazing how much a 4 year old can help with a new baby, and really just help in general. Bennett is such a wonderful helper and is always eager to do whatever I need him to do. He runs up and down the stairs to put things away and bring things up that I need. He loves getting the laundry when it is done and bringing it upstairs. I wish we had a front loader washer like my parents have because when we lived with them, he could put the wet laundry in the dryer, start it, and get it out when it was done. He wasn't even 3 yet either! Now his helping is so wonderful with Ellie. He is so helpful when I am trying to get dinner or lunch ready. He will bounce her in the bouncy chair, make sure she has her binky, and will talk to her sweetly. He also loves holding her on the couch and even shares his blanket with her which is very special to him. I can see how having more children gets easier as your children get older. They are able to contribute to the family and hold more responsibility. Bennett loves being "responsible" for things too. He is 4 going on 30! We'll try to keep him a little boy for a little longer, but he can't wait to be 16 so he can drive. He talks about it all the time!