Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The CREHST Museum

We visited The Columbia River Exhibition of History, Science, and Technology (CREHST) Museum during the Markwort's visit. Jeromy has always wanted to visit, but has never had the chance. It has exhibits about the Columbia River and also the Hanford Nuclear Site.

Ellie didn't think it was all that much fun! She played with her shoes the whole time, taking them on and off, dropping them on the floor, and screaming about it when she did. Oh, the temper tantrum stage is so not my favorite!

Here is Bennett scanning for radioactive material which he found in an old watch, Fiestaware dishes, and some other things I can't remember because of my loss of brain cells due to being a mommy!

Rachie with her Popgrandma

Mark, using the mechanical arm to pick up things. It was really neat how the arm was so moveable and easy to control.

Here is Bennett longing to be old enough to use the mechanical arm. The sign said you had to be 12 years or older.

Me and my little Emma. I think I have a picture of me carrying her in the wrap everywhere we went. She sleeps so well in there, I carried her all the time.