Friday, June 26, 2009

Rachel's 4th Birthday Part 2- Chuck E Cheese

After nap time, Rachel put on her new party dress that was a gift from Pop and Popgrandma, and we all headed over to Chuck E Cheese to have a little pre-birthday party fun. Rachel had a great time which was the most important thing. Ellie was weirded out by the whole place and had to be held by Pop the whole time, and Bennett is officially too big for the little kid area. He had more fun in the big kid area. Emma was a bit fussy because of all the noise but eventually went to sleep. After gathering our "treasures" from the prize counter (man do I hate taking that stuff home!) we headed over to my parents house for Rachel's party.


Kristen said...

i was always weirded out by that place when i was young too. so much noise and activity! my kids seem to like it too, so every once in awhile we attempt it.

rachel looks so beautiful in her party dress!

Mystie said...

I've been 4 times in my life, the last time was in high school. I thought it was creepy when I was little, I thought it was too loud when I got older, and I thought it was boring and dumb when I was in high school. :) My kids still don't know it exists. :)