Thursday, June 4, 2009

Headaches, Stomachaches and Fevers, Oh My!

Ughh, springtime again with all the little germ bugs waking up from a long winter's nap. Ellie woke up on Tuesday morning with a fever of 102 and the lethargy that accompanies it. To be honest, I prefer a fever to all other illnesses (in my children). They just lie on the couch all day quietly and want to cuddle. She never had any other symptoms except for crankiness. I kept her home with me last night while Jeromy took the older two kids with him to Bible study. When they walked through the door at 9pm, Bennett was crying and holding his head. He was complaining of a headache and felt pretty hot. It didn't bode well for a good night sleep.

11pm- Rachel woke up screaming her head off. She said she was scared of her bed. I should have guessed it was a fever talking, but I convinced her to go back to sleep.

midnight- Bennett woke up screaming his head off which woke up Ellie who started screaming her head off. I convince Bennett screaming won't make him feel better and sleep will.

1 pm- Bennett woke up crying again, and I told him there was nothing we could do, but that I would really appreciate some sleep if he wouldn't mind.

2 am- Bennett, crying, not quite as patient this time.

2:30- Bennett, crying, not patient at all with him this time, but he got the gist of no more crying.

2:45- Bennett crying? Nope, it is Ellie crying, but she stops before I open her door.

3 am- Emma up for some food.

6 am- Emma up again for some reason and wants more food.

7 am- Emma spits up in my bed and won't go back to sleep.

Rachel got up at 8:15 and has a temp of 102 and is crying that her tummy hurts. Our pastor's wife called this morning and I apologized profusely for letting my children go over her house last night, but she really called to tell me her 3 year old was up all night vomiting. Swell. I much prefer fever to vomit any day of the week. Bennett got up at 9:30 with a fever of 100.5. Ellie woke up without a fever, but was crying owie and so cranky that I put her back to bed at 10 for a rest. I cannot wait for naptime today!

Look at how pathetic they are today :o(