Friday, May 4, 2007

Bennett's 4th Birthday Part 2

Yay, Chuck-E-Cheese! This place is amazing. You give a kid a big cup of coins and they are completely entertained until the coins are gone. Rachel got the hang of it this time too. She would ask her grandpa for a coin, she would run to whatever she wanted to do, she would rip off her tickets after the game was over, run back to grandpa to give him the tickets and ask for another coin. It was pretty funny. Bennett even got tired of the little kid area after a while and wanted to check out the big kid arcade games. He really liked one that you get to be a fireman and spray water from a big firehose at the burning building. It was pretty lifelike. I tried to steer him away from the killing weird alien/monster games and the street fighting even though those were the ones that looked so appealing to him.

Hurry up mom, I want to go play!

This picture cracked me up because Bennett and Chuck-E seem to have the same expression.

No, I am not riding the snowmobile by myself. Bennett is sitting in front of me. Really, I am serious!

These ball throwing games were hilarious in the little kid area. All of the kids, Bennett and Rachel included, would miss and balls would come back over them flying all over the restaurant.

Can we fix it? Yes, we can!

The next room over is where the singing Elvis Chuck-E and friends are. Bennett was still not too excited about them and used the time on this ride to check them out and see if they were going to stay where they were.

Hi, Chuck-E-Cheese. Can I come here for my birthday too? Please!

Back to grandpa and grandma's for cupcakes and ice cream for a really excited birthday boy. My kids are totally sugar deprived, so this was a really special treat for them.

Even Rachel was excited although she didn't like the cupcakes. She doesn't like really sweet things like frosting. Too much for her I think. She did enjoy the ice cream once she got over the brain freeze.

Froggy and Bunny for the kids from Great Grandma Lee. Rachel hasn't put her bunny down much since she got it. She even started sleeping with it.

That was Bennett's fun 4th birthday. I think next year for his 5th, we will have a friend birthday party for him. He hasn't had one with kids there before and I think he would appreciate it for his 5th. He is such a special boy that we are so blessed to have in our life. He is a good big brother and is very excited for the new baby to come. He has been practicing dressing Rachel's dolls so that he can dress the new baby. So sweet!